The Best 5 Drip Coffee Maker of 2017

Coffee has become a necessity in our daily life and this was shown by the statistics that reveals the impact of coffee on the American society and that almost 90 % percent of Americans drink coffee regularly. It has become a necessity to awaking the mind and to start the day fresh, as well as in work where coffee has become a regular drink. So nowadays almost every work place and the house has a drip coffee maker.

Most of the Americans have a drip coffee maker and it’s the most used one in America. Some of us are doing a lot of tasks at work, we feel like we have to drink a coffee. So we need a coffee machine that can make coffee in a short period. The drip coffee maker shows that it’s the best when it comes to making coffee in a few minutes and it can be served either in glass or stainless carafe.

Nowadays all the people who want to buy a drip coffee maker find themselves lost in a saturated market of drip coffee machines so making a choice can become a very tough task. After doing a lot of research, we have selected 5 of the best drip coffee makers.

OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker (with 4oz Silver Canyon Coffee)

OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker - best drip coffee maker

This machine is one of the best drip coffee makers. In fact it’s SCAA-certified for a perfect. This coffee maker can produce 2 to 9 cups, with a built-in powerful microprocessor this coffee maker can produce the best coffee and it’s reviled almost 78% of Amazon customers are very satisfied with this machine. This microprocessor controls the volume from start to finish as well as time and temperature. Moreover, this coffee maker can hold a perfect heat of 197.6-204.8 Degrees F. As matter of fact this heat degree is proven to make some of the greatest coffees with a good flavour. In addition to that this machine can be pre-programmed to make an exact number of cups for the next 24h. Also, this coffee maker is so easy to use and to clean,which does not take much time. Furthermore,the black-led screen shows the freshness of the coffee as well as the status of the coffee maker. The most fabulous thing about this coffee maker is that you can choose the number of cups that you want to brew. Additionally, all the reviews show that this machine makes a perfect coffee that tastes really good. Actually, its simplicity is what makes it a perfect coffee machine. As a bonus, this machine comes with 140 gram package of Silver Canyon Organic Honduras Dark Roast Coffee.


KRUPS KM4689 Moka Brewer Coffee Maker

krups-km4689-moka-brewer-coffee-maker- best drip coffee maker

The Moka drip coffee maker is too simple to use and its unique coffee extraction process delivers a full-bodied coffee with the richest flavour at the optimal temperature 187 Degree F which result in a full rounded coffee flavour. It comes with a permanent filter and 2 years worldwide warranty and 10 cups large glass carafe. This coffee machine is too easy to use. First, fill in the tank with water, put the coffee in the permanent filter, Third step put back the carafe into the unit. This coffee maker produces one of the best tastes of coffee. It’s very easy to use and the coffee comes out tasting so smooth. In addition to that, the whole concept of the water boiling and then pushing up the sides to steam down into the grounds makes you a pot of espresso-like coffee. Moreover, there is no clock, timer, or hot plate. It doesn’t bring beans or filter water. Also, it has a great and simple design which can be put anywhere and in any place, you want with free shipping from Amazon.




Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker


This is one of a kind 8 cups coffee maker and it’s engineered differently than the other coffee machines to provide you with a special coffee taste with the full temperature control. The Brazen machine permits you to set the brewing temperature as you like from 190 F to 210 F, the Brazen recommend setting the temperature from 290 F to 205 F as the best setting for a tasteful coffee. In addition to that, the pre-soak option is to add water to the beans before brewing in order to provide a great flavour. The pulsed water flow is the key to making a terrific brewed coffee and the digital control makes it an easy coffee machine to operate. It has a programmable brew time. Additionally, this coffee maker has a high-quality thermal carafe, a gold reusable gold carafe and high capacity brew basket. The Brazen Plus not only makes great coffee, but it also boasts features that no other coffee maker on the planet would be able to. Finally, this machine was appreciated a lot by the costumers who bought it and they recommend it to the new buyers. In fact, the Brazen coffee maker is certified by the SCAA because it met their high specification of making coffee.


Cuisinart DCC-450R 4-Cup Coffeemaker


This is another great addition of Cuisinart. In fact, this drip coffee maker is too simple to use and to clean. Also, it makes a great coffee. First, this machine makes 4 Cups which it doesn’t have to fill it with a lot of water. Second, this one is made for working place because it has compact design 8-1/2 by 6-3/4 by 11 inches and it brews coffee very fast it takes 7:30 min to brew 4 cups of coffee. Also, it has an automatic shut off in 30 minutes. Very handy for a few cups of coffee. Easy to use and nice looking. Takes little space on the counter or in the cabinet. This coffee maker is designed for individuals who or students and it’s highly appreciated by the customers because it’s small, practical and makes a great coffee.


KitchenAid KCMB1204BOB 12-Cup Coffee Maker


First of all, this coffee maker is one of the simplest coffee machines in using and cleaning. This one has an Insulated carafe sleeve that keeps the coffee hot for you. Also, has the feature of 24h programmability. Moreover, you can choose the strength of brewing from regular to bold at the time of making a full bodied cup of coffee and this coffee maker can make a small batch brew in order for you to make 2-4 cups of coffee. In addition to that this coffee maker can be cleaned automatically and what makes it special is that you can stop brewing whenever you want. You don’t have to wait until the machine finishes brewing. It also shut down after removing the carafe and one nice feature that is included is an optional carbon filter inside the tank that makes the coffee taste better. Also note that this comes with a permanent filter brew basket, negating the need to buy paper coffee filters. You can set the machine to use it automatically and manually. To sum up this machine proves itself as very practical and it’s easy to clean.


Why choose Drip Coffee Maker?

The most important advantages about drip coffee maker is the automatic timer. It’s faster and less wasteful. In addition to that, it’s too easy to use it and to clean it, there are some types who has an automatic cleaning. Also, you can find in them permanent filter so that you can’t change filter from one time to another.

The drip coffee maker is effective because it can brew a lot of cups when someone has guests or friends at home.

A lot of people loves the drip coffee maker because it can be programmed to brew coffee without wasting time making coffee manually with the french press

So this machine takes the lead in making coffee easily and these advantages may help you finding that suitable for your need.

Advantage of Drip coffee maker

The most popular ones are the drip coffee maker. In fact, the drip coffee machine comes in different shape and most of them don’t take much space in the kitchen or in office. Regular drip coffee makers are available in 4 to 12 cups.

Most coffee makers come with either 10 or 12 cups and their price is very reasonable and they are very easy to use just by a press of a button it will do the job perfectly.

The coffee that she produces is similar to the ones they serve in cafes and restaurants. They come at different prices. A lot of them have 24h programmability in order for the buyer to set the coffee maker to brew coffee at a specific time.

It’s very easy to use just by putting the coffee grind and the water in the tank. All of them have a water tank but they are different in using them.

These coffee makers are available on Amazon and some them comes with different carafes (stainless or glass…), 1-year warranty or more, and some them comes with grinds.

There is a big competition between the companies as the drip coffee makers is the most one purchase by the customers and you have to check the reviews before choosing.

All of them provides a good tasty coffee with the only difference is that the times of brewing. There are ones who brew coffees fast and for 12 cups doesn’t take much time.

There are different carafe one of them is the k-cup this one can hold the heat of the coffee for a long time. This one is called a mug, in fact, there are a drip coffee makers that can have glass/stainless carafe and a mug.

The most important characteristics of the drip coffee makers
1-Water filter.
2-Permanent filter basket.
3-Hands-free serving.
4-A wide or well-defined pouring spout for dripless pouring.
5-A comfortable handle design.
6-Exterior water level indicator.
7-An audible signal that the brewing or warming cycle is finished.
8-The height of the unit may be a consideration if your upper cabinets are lower than average.
9-Auto-off – which is a must-have safety feature.
10-Brew interrupt – allows you to pause the drip and pour before the cycle is finished.
11-Programmable settings – coffee can be ready for you in the morning. Brew selector.