How to protect and select a coffee maker

How to protect and select a coffee maker

The best way to brew a perfect coffee sometimes is related to the quality of beans. If you choose the best quality of beans you can have the best coffee ever. Moreover if you have an automatic coffee maker with a grinder you don’t have to select the best coffee beans, you only choose the suitable one for you. If you have a coffee grinder then you have to choose a great beans and you have to keep the coffee beans from air, moist, heat and light. In fact these three are the enemies of the coffee beans and to keep the freshness and flavor from vanishing you have to keep your beans in a dark and cool place. (more…)

History of coffee makers

Background and History of coffee makers

People around the world consume about two billion cups of coffee each day. That is because the coffee making process has always been an easy one.

Enjoying a cup of coffee is one of the pleasures of this life that Man managed to enjoy. Although coffee used to be made in different ways through the history, but they all shared the same principle. The main target was to heat the water to extract the essence of the brewed coffee. This process was mechanized in order to make the coffee making process easier and faster. (more…)

types of coffee makers

What Are the Different Types Of Coffee Makers?

From hundreds of years making a cup of coffee was an easy process. A lot of nations were drinking coffee for centuries. The pots have a several designs in a lot of countries and the way of making coffee was almost the same. Nowadays things have changes and new technology was introduced in this domain and we can find a lot of coffee machine. A lot of machines has appeared from time to another and these are different types of coffee makers. (more…)