How Many Vitamins Are In Your Coffee?

How Many Vitamins Are In Your Coffee?

The coffee has a lot of benefits like preventing from some diseases and helps athletes burning fat in their workout. Also, coffee is a part of everyday breakfast and it’s a part of our daily routine. Most of people consume it and they are not aware of the vitamins that they are taking from it. The caffeine in the coffee contains a lot of vitamins:


Caffeine makes the calcium expel in the urine and feces. In fact, for every 150 gram caffeine absorbed after drinking a cup of coffee, 5 mg of calcium is burned. The effect of caffeine occurs even hours after consumption. A study found that postmenopausal women who consume more than 300 mg of coffee lose more bone in the spine than women who consumes less.

Furthermore, studies shows that women who consumes a lot of coffee suffers from more hip fractures than women who consume caffeine in moderation

Vitamin D

Coffee contains vitamin D which is important for in absorption and use the calcium in building bones. This can result in the decrease of bone mineral density which leads to increase the risk of osteoporosis.

B vitamins

Caffeine can make the body increase the urination which is good for the function of the kidney and this effect is related to the B vitamins. Plus Caffeine stimulates the production of stomach acids which actually it helps the body to consume B12.

As a result caffeine must be consumed with moderation because the excessive consumption of coffee can lead to nutrient deficiencies that can affect both health and quality of life.