The Best Keurig Coffee Machine Review

After reading the great reviews on the Keurig Coffee Machine I decided to invest in one. The reviews were really good so I thought the standard of the machine must be exceptional value This Coffee Machine passed the test with flying colors The Keurig Machine is raved about in all the reviews that I read and this intrigued me to look into the machine further. The reviews all ended up with the same conclusion and that was this the Coffee Maker was definitely worth the investment. Now my review can be added to the list as well.

Pros of the Keurig Coffee Machine:
This machine can also be used to make tea and there are K-cups available to purchase in both tea and coffee. It heats water in less than twenty seconds. No need waste power using the kettle if you want to make a cup of tea with a tea bag its quicker and easier.

The Keurig Coffee Machine is very adaptable and you can use the ground beans of your choice to make your own favourite blend of coffee.
No need to take Barista lessons it is very easy to use.
No need for paper filters. This machine makes a cup of coffee that doesn’t have coffee grinds in the bottom of the cup.

Excellent customer service. Keurig’s customer service is second to none. They have an available help desk 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week.
Stylish looking. This Coffee Maker is a product that will take a place of pride in your kitchen. The blue LED lights look modern and great both day and night.

Cons of the Keurig Coffee Machine
The K Cups are not available at a lot of stores and the ones that do stock them charge quite a lot for them. 18 cups for $10 which is crazy. But now Amazon has come to the rescue. Their price for the cups are $20 for 50 cups This is the way to go if you want these cups. I would also opt for the variety pack so as you can choose the coffee that you enjoy the most.

You will be able to impress your friends with the different variety’s of coffee available. Over 1300 reviews can’t be wrong. People only leave reviews if they love or hate a product and with a rating of 4 stars it speaks for itself. The cost of a cup of coffee from this Coffee Machine works out at about 40 cents, so if you are used to spending money each morning at the coffee shop on the way to work, the machine will pay for itself in no time.

Do your research to make your choice but remember thousands of Keurig Coffee Maker Customers can’t be wrong. Read the review on the best keurig coffee maker

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